Super Who Potter Time





Friendly reminder that the Winchesters are actually known in the hunter community as the scariest, most lethal motherfuckers on the planet.

#the winchesters are the things baby monsters have nightmares about #”don’t draw too much attention to yourself or the winchesters will find you” #”don’t kill humans all in one place or dean winchester will find you” #”stay sporadic or sam winchester will find your pattern” #”behave yourself or the winchesters will kill you” 

#i wonder though how many monsters are smart enough to go undetected like #indefinitely #all the monsters sam and dean catch wind of are so sloppy #leaving bodies everywhere and an obvious m.o #like i wonder how many monsters there are that can clean up after themselves and not leave a trail #there’s gotta be TONS

sashi’s perfect tags: #have I mentioned lately that I’m head-over-heels in love with the darker aspects of the winchesters #and that everyone who is also in love with that are my favs forever and ever amen? #and the idea of monsters telling monster stories of the winchesters is like the most delicious thing mm mmm #and not just monsters #like Roy and Walt and the beginning of DSotM talked about them as if every hunter worth his salt knows and fears them #you don’t get on the bad side of those Winchester brothers #you don’t go near that Sam kid or else you get his brother Dean on your trail #you don’t fuck with Dean or else you get his little brother’s knife in your throat  

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